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  • Beautiful to the Core

    Beautiful to the Core

    36 x 15.5 inches  Encaustic painting on braced wooden panel 2009

    Apples are always so a-peeling.  Take a bite, lol.

    Not For Sale
  • Perfectly Peared

    Perfectly Peared

     24 x 32 inches  2009 

    Encaustic painting on braced wooden panel

    A pair of pears - how perfect?! They hang together - ready for the picking.

    Not For Sale
  • Sunflower and Bee

    Sunflower and Bee

    12 x 12 inches, Encaustic on wooden panel, 2015 

    This painting was inspired by a photo I took several years ago on a painting trip to France.  I wanted to pay homage to the bee, who pollinates our world.  

    Not For Sale
  • Green Butterfly

    Green Butterfly
    12 x 12 inches, Encaustic on wooden panel, 2015

    The reference for this painting was a photo I took while on a visit to the palace gardens in Hanover, Germany. I was captivated by the beautiful green wings of this butterfly sitting on the purple flower and I snapped a quick pic to add to my folder of inspirations for future paintings.

    Not For Sale
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A Closer Look at Nature

Up close and personal with my subject.  I love to focus on the play of light and shadow which brings Nature to life.  Celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary!

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A Closer Look at Nature
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