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  • Winter Sentinel

    Winter Sentinel
    24 x 24 inches  2017
    Encaustic and mixed media on wooden panel

    Overlooking the frozen lake, a lone pine stands watch, resilient in the wind.  Shaped, but not broken, it witnesses the passing seasons.

    This painting consists of many layers, the icy sky and lake lay frozen in the background, while the viewer's attention is drawn to the lone pine in the foreground.  The painting process moved from the heat of flowing paint, using a brush and heat gun to manipulate the paint (beeswax, resin and pigment) then progressing to sharp details and contrast through the use of a hot iron and the addition of string and birch bark.

    Not For Sale
  • Sunset on Belmont Lake
    16 x 32 inches, Encaustic and string on Birch panel.

    This painting was inspired by a visit to our friends' cottage at nearby Belmont Lake. I am captivated by the quintessential northern image of pine, island and sunset.  As one viewer wrote "Enchanting. I love how the sky draws the eye across the water to the horizon."
    Not For Sale
  • Storm Watch

    30 x 48 inches

    Encaustic on Braced Wooden Panel

    Storm Watch was inspired by a photo that I took while on a bike ride during a trip to Germany.  I had to make a dash for it so as not to get soaked!

    This piece was a labor of love. I spent many hours on it and burned the Midnight oil for several nights working on it. I finished it just before Midnight on New Years Eve!

    Not For Sale
  • Sentinel



    10 x 10 inches  Encaustic and String on wooden panel 2014

    A lone tree stands watch at the turning points of dawn and dusk.

    Not For Sale
  • Along a Windswept Trail

    Along a Windswept Trail


    24 x 24 inches  Encaustic and String on wooden panel 2015

    Fond memories of a solitary morning hike in France, near the village of Montague Le Blanc in the Auvergne region of central France.  

    Not For Sale
  • Emmendorf Lane

    Emmendorf Lane

    12 x 24 inches  Encaustic on wooden panel 2014

    Heading out of the village of Emmendorf for a walk after dinner along the lane to the cemetery.  

    Enjoying a perfect sunset, birdsong, companionship...

    Not For Sale
  • Waiting For Spring

    Waiting for Spring


    30 x 48 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    An ancient oak stands silhouetted in purple against a turquoise and topaz western sky. As the brief winter day draws to a close the tree stands witness to the last golden light and waits patiently for the return of warmth and sunlit hours.

    Not For Sale
  • Dawn Greeter

    Dawn Greeter


    36 x 36 inches, 2010

    Encaustic and string on wooden panel

    Sumachs greet the day on a crisp winter morn.

    Not For Sale
  • Mother Tree

    The Mother Tree


    30 x 48 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    Sunset captures her essence.  As twilight lengthens the violet shadows, the twin spires of her silhouette are outlined in gold and etched into our memory.

    Not For Sale
  • Forest Circle

    Forest Circle


    30 x 48 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    The young redwoods surround the blackened stump of their mother tree. Roots entwined they support each other as each now reaches into the sky. Midst their standing circle an ancient stillness reigns.

    Not For Sale
  • Morning Mist

    Morning Mist

    36 x 15.5 inches  Encaustic painting on wooden panel, 2009    

    At dawn sunlight warms the branches of the ancient oak while morning fog blankets the hills beyond. In Northern California I was inspired by the windswept purple/green hills undulating  toward the Pacific Ocean and the weathered forest sentinel standing at the edge.

    Not For Sale
  • Winter Pine at Burleigh Falls

    Winter Pine at Burleigh Falls

    36 x 36 inches 2009
    encaustic on wooden panel   
    Snow laden branches bearing fruit bend close to the frozen earth.


    Not For Sale
  • Sunset on Stoney Lake, Diptych

    Sunset on Stoney Lake


    2010    Diptych 24 x 24 inches

    Encaustic paintings on braced wooden panels. 

    May be hung "as one" or separately.

    Memories of a beautiful summer evening cruising on the lake. Imagine music, laughter, standing at the rail of the boat, listening for the song of the loons.

    Not For Sale
  • Time To Reflect

    Time to Reflect

    16 x 22 inches  Encaustic painting on wooden panel, 2008  

    Is the sky on fire or the water, or both?

    Not For Sale
  • Day Break

    Day Break

    36 x 48 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    Ribbons of colour adorn the horizon and reward our faith as we greet a new day.

    Not For Sale
  • Ocean Serenade

    Ocean Serenade


    30 x 48 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    Bask in the rays of a day well spent. A sun sets over the ocean, comforting reassurance of a new dawn to follow.

    Not For Sale
  • California Coast Sunrise

    California Coast Sunrise

    24 x 32 inches  Encaustic on wood

    Inspired by a visit to Mendocino on the Pacific Coast in Northern California at dawn on a blustery,cold February morning.

    Not For Sale
  • Sunrise at Burleigh Falls

    Sunrise at Burleigh Falls  2017 12 x 12 in. square

    Encaustic and mixed media on wooden panel

    Red sky in the morning.  Savor the silence before the storm arrives.  Sharply outlined against the glow the silhouettes sway gently and whisper “Seize the Day”.

    The painting process moved from the heat of flowing paint, using a brush and heat gun to manipulate the paint (beeswax, resin and pigment) then progressing to sharp details and contrast through the use of a hot iron and the addition of string.

    Not For Sale
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Infinity Series

Of land and forest, sea and sky,

we celebrate the turning points of day, 

first at dawn and then when dusk is nigh.

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