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  • Growing Into the LIght

    Growing Into The Light

    36 x 48 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    From tiny seed to full growth, we each develop according to the divine plan within us, drawn to the life giving light above.

    Not For Sale
  • Red Water Lily

    Red Water Lily

    8 x 8 inches  Encaustic on wooden panel 2014

    Not For Sale
  • Tranquility
    Price On Request
  • Pool of Dreams

    Pool of Dreams

    32 x 64 inches  Encaustic painting on wooden panel 2009 

    Feng Shui principles at play, representing success, abundance, manifestation and more. Water lilies portray several stages of beauty while eight fish dance beneath still, pond waters.

    Can you find the black one?

    Not For Sale
  • Floating Star

    Floating Star

    24 x 24 inches  Encaustic painting on braced wooden panel  2010

    Not For Sale
  • Pond Reflection

    Pond Reflection

    16 x 66 inches  encaustic on wood

    Not For Sale
  • Lotus


    30 x 48 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    The lotus is often used as a symbol for bringing subtle, inner realities to a focus in outward expression. Within the fundamental unity of consciousness, certain symbols, such as the lotus lifting itself in purity above the muddy water, possess universal relevance and power.

    Not For Sale
  • Weathering the Storm

    Weathering the Storm

    24" x 36"  Encaustic on Wood

    Bent but not broken. It pays to go with the flow and thus weather the storms of life.

    Not For Sale
  • White Water Lily

    White Water Lily

    36 x 48 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    A vulnerable beauty, thriving in calm, protected waters.

    Not For Sale
  • Presence


    Encaustic painting on wooden panel, 24 x 48 inches 

    Floating regally, surrounded by courtiers the lily graces the pond with her presence.

    Not For Sale
  • Pink Water Lily

    Pink Water Lily

    12 x 12 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    Floating regally

    Not For Sale
  • Pink Water Lily and Goldfish

    Pink Water Lily and Goldfish


    12 x 36 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    Beauty above and below the surface. Both fixed and fluid. Ever changing glimpses of Nature’s design.

    Not For Sale
  • Curious Koi

    Curious Koi

    15 1/2 x 35 1/2 inches  Encaustic on wood

    Koi gather beneath the lilies, watching the dragonfly resting above.

    Not For Sale
  • Koi Gathering

    Koi Gathering

    12 x 24 inches      Encaustic on Wood

    Koi gather at the lilies edge. 

    They circle beneath the sheltering lily pads above, chasing each other among the shadows.

    Price On Request
  • Koi Surfacing

    Koi Surfacing

    24 x 24 inches  encaustic on wood

    Sociable, Colourful, Competitive, Optimistic - Koi swim together, eagerly watching the surface above, ready to snatch a morsel and dart away. 


    Not For Sale
  • Flashes of Gold

    Flashes of Gold

    36 x 48 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    Leaning over the pond, I watch the goldfish gather, darting to and fro; ever hopeful of a tossed crumb.

    Not For Sale
  • Pond Dancers

    Pond Dancers


    12 x 36 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    Koi peek playfully at us beneath the lilies.



    Not For Sale
  • Beta Triptych

    Beta Triptych

    24 x 36 inches, 36 x 36 inches, and 24 x 36 inches  Encaustic on wood

    Colourful Betas poise to do battle amid the reeds.  Facing off in deadly earnest beneath the surface.  Fins swirling gracefully, their beauty belies their intent.

    Not For Sale
  • Water's Edge

    Water's Edge


    36 x 48 inches, Encaustic on wooden panel  2011

    Wind stirs the rushes; waves of water meet waves of grass.

    Not For Sale
  • Ebb and Flow

    Ebb and Flow


    12 x 12 inches  Encaustic on Wood

    The endless ebb and flow of the waves wear down the rocky shore, cleansing the land and enriching the ocean. They are partners in the dance of life.

    Not For Sale
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Aqua Series

Thoughts bubble to the surface with clarity infused. 

As I ponder your depths, I am renewed.

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Aqua Series
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