"Maura's encaustic artwork embodies an unsurpassed realism. The life, movement and vibrancy of her Koi painting brings a combination of joy and serenity into our home."

 Dr. Mike Mandel, 

 Stage performer, trainer, psychotherapist, martial arts instructor, writer, and corporate speaker 



"I am very much enjoying the art piece I bought from you. There is a lot of depth in it the more I look into it. It works on many levels for me and that is fascinating. Thank you."


Warm regards,

Rosa Bergman



"Dancing in the Current had no problem at all with finding its new home in a rather central spot. I had no expectations of where it would eventually land, but the dance and the current guided me directly to where they wanted to be: framed by a couple of my flutes that are actually hanging on the wall in my dining room! The vibratory company is, feels and looks wonderful!"


Ursula Carsen




"The piece is terrific – it looks fantastic in my home and I particularly love what it represents. It really does seem to radiate energy! My sister and I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you at the Expo. We could tell how much you enjoy what you do. I wish you continued success in the future."


Very best,

Peter J.Winters,

Westerkirk Capital Inc.




"Thank you so much for meeting today. I truly enjoyed learning about your business, and experiencing your art. The vibrancy and depth evident in each painting is inspiring. You naturally give off such a good energy that is infectious – a few times I found myself speeding on the way home, without even realizing it. Of course, the first thing I did when I got home was to check the postcard of yours on my desk, which is for the Open House you held in November. I am still not sure why I envisioned your paintings as smaller in scope – it was such a lovely surprise to see your works large and full of presence."



Cammie Jaquays,

Pure Power Solutions





"Thank you very much for delivering the painting to us today. We really appreciate it. The dragonfly is beautiful, and I especially like the rocks under the water, providing depth. We love it and will treasure it always."


All the best,





"I am privileged to own two of Maura’s works, which hang with pride in the living room of our house. They convey beauty, tranquility, harmony and inner peace to everyone who experiences them. I become absorbed in them as often as possible."


Tom Hodgson,

Senior Partner and Chairman,

Greenbrook Capital Partners Inc.




"Maura Joy Lustig is an innately guided human being and it is clearly reflected in her art work. Her creations are inspired and inspire those who view them. As you reflect upon them they awaken your innate; they bring forth both a sense of peace and inner awareness. Most certainly they enhance the healing environment we are constantly striving to master in the clinic."


Dr. Peter Amlinger DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)





"Oh my gosh Maura: Your work is amazing. I felt energy moving through me as I look at the images. You are on track with your spirit calling for sure"


Darlene Montgomery, Author, Lecturer, Publicist

Lifedreams Communications

Toronto, ON





"I have purchased two of Maura's creations. They inspire me to reflect on my life purpose and to be conscious with my intentions and energy. Her work is creative, inspiring and linked to the divine. A definite gift to all of us."


Janice M. Parviainen, President, JMP Consultants Inc.

author, facilitator, international lecturer www.jmpinfo.net.





"It is easy to connect with the universal flow which is contained in all of Maura Joy's artwork. One can see the swish of the creative movement within Maura's art. The art work re-ignites my passion for writing as I am reminded that I too am a storyteller."


Debra Millage




"Maura's beautiful and haunting encaustic paintings reveal a soul that yearns to capture the infinite light of the purpose of creation."


Paula Baruch, Director of The Orchard Centre, Peterborough