About Maura:
An avid artist, Maura Joy Lustig finds inspiration all around her, in her hometown of Peterborough, Ontario, a beautiful land of lakes, rivers and rolling hills, bordering on the southern tip of the Canadian Shield. Maura’s passion for health, travel, painting, reading, and writing now meld into her two careers- painting and serving others as a professional transformation coach. The two intertwine, as her clients find inspiration in her art, and their stories feed her to bring new life to her paintings. As an artist, writer, coach and speaker, she joyfully inspires, motivates and empowers others to express their gifts and live their destiny.


1412 Hancox Court, Peterborough, ON Canada K9K 2M2
Phone: (705) 749-6356
Email: info@abundancewithease.net        Website: www.maurajoylustig.com