What I do and Why I do it!


My work is an intuitive landscape; it's my response to the inspiration I feel from the beauty of nature around me.  I create vibrant, colourful, abstract and realistic paintings using an ancient technique called encaustic. I use only natural elements, painting on braced wooden canvases with pure beeswax and high grade encaustic paints and I love the way the wax flows and creates new patterns and images. The translucent quality of the fragrant beeswax and resin allows light to penetrate the layers and radiate outwardly so that the paintings appear to glow and give energy.

The act of observing and contemplating nature inspires me and grounds me in the present moment. I seek to express my experience of the "extraordinary in the ordinary" on canvas in a way that acts as a metaphor and speaks universally to those who view my art.